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July 2014

Drumstick Newsletter Winter 2014 Edition EuPoul Feature Article

Introducing EuPoul – a smart solution to the mass euthanasia of poultry

Mass euthanasia of poultry on farm; be they spent hens, broilers or turkeys is a challenging task at the best of times. Further, the ever increasing scrutiny of the poultry industry by consumers, retailers and animal rights groups means that euthanasia methods need to be as humane and acceptable as possible.

Coming up with a quicker, better and more humane method to euthanize his spent hens has been the passion of Kootingal free range egg farmer Stuart Howe.

Stuart’s answer to this challenge is his invention, called the EuPoul.

“There were several major reasons for coming up with a better solution to managing the spent hens on my farm”, said Stuart. “The primary motive was to come up with a more humane method of euthanasia. I wanted to reduce the stress and injury to the birds they sustain when being caught and removed from the sheds. I also wanted to reduce the stress associated with long journeys to the rendering plant. Finally, access to labour, labour cost and a diminishing market for spent hens were also challenges I was grappling with”.

“I wanted to come up with a solution that was better for the birds and better for my piece of mind, and my farm budget” said Stuart.

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